Recent aquisistions


I have not bought much lately. Just been going through old stuff I hadn’t seen yet and there’s still plenty of that. However recent a friend bought all seven seasons of Buffy and all five of Angel for thirty bucks. Neither of us had ever seen it although both of us are big Firefly fans. He had asked if he didn’t like it would I want to buy it from him for what he paid for it. I said yes because it seemed like a great price. Also knowing his tough standards I figured he wouldn’t like it and after three episodes of Buffy he sold it to me. Now I never watched either of these shows when they were on. After I got into Firefly I was curious about Joss Weedon’s other shows and had wondered them. Despite the great words I’ve heard about Buffy and Angel I still had this fear it would be more soap opera than I’d hoped. Well I’m on the last episode of the first season of Buffy and I am hooked so far. Really looking forward to the rest of the seasons. It’s likely that reviews of episodes of Buffy and Angel will find their way into my upcoming Halloween Hootenanny.