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Sad news


Sad news yesterday about a real super hero. If you read my blog recently you may have seen the one about a visit to the library from Batman and his Batmobile. This was the guy. In addition to appearing at libraries and car shows he spent a lot of his time and money visiting sick children. He had a charity to help them and really promoted it. He made his money early and put together his love of Batman and children to really help others. He did great work and was respected and liked for it. I had a chance to witness him at the library I work at last month. He stood there in full Batman costume in the heat greeting kids with a smile, getting tons of pictures taken, answering every questions under the sun and the whole he was obviously enjoying what he was doing. A real loss.

6 responses to “Sad news

  1. How very sad. What a lovely guy.

  2. I was very sad at seeing this on the news myself. Here’s a guy doing more good for the world than most of us will ever be able to offer and he’s cut down by a random accident. Very sad.

  3. That’s such sad news. I remember you post about the visit to the library as Batman with the Batmobile. Such a shame this has happened.

  4. So sad to hear this news. Sounds like he was a wonderful person. He’s a great example and role model. 😦

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