Captain America and Captain America 2-Death too soon


Both 1979

As far as quantity and for the most quality we are in super hero heaven when it comes to them being on TV and movies. This wasn’t always the case of course. However back in the late 1970’s there was a brief blast of tight wearing heroes around mostly on the small screen. None of them had the budget of Superman which was the big budget, big screen super hero film of the time. While Wonder Woman and the Incredible Hulk each lasted several seasons some other heroes didn’t fare do well. Such was the case with Captain America. He did get two made for TV films in the same year, but that was it. There’s no Red Skull, WW2 or any of Cap’s origin as we knew it from the comics. Steve Rogers here is played by Red Brown (Space Mutiny, Yor) and his origin in the first film is much more like a low rent version of the Six Million dollar man than it is like in the comics. The first film is hurt by a thin and dull script. Brown is very wooden in his performance, but to be honest he isn’t given much to do except ride around in his van and eventually wear a terrible costume and ride around on a motorcycle. The first film didn’t spawn a show, but it did cause a second film to be made a few months later. Brown is back as Cap with a costume that’s much more like the one we know. There is even a little more action and Christopher Lee shows up as the villain. The motorcycle stunts in this one have their moments. The second movie is a far better film, but it still suffers from not enough going on and it’s far from super. It’s like there would be some build up to hopefully more action but then it never got more exciting. This was it for Cap on TV back then as this pair didn’t lead to any more films or a show. Maybe if they’d invested more money and a script that called for more action and a greater display of super powers something more would have come from these movies. Brown was stiff and gets a lot of criticism for his role here as well as in Yor and Space Mutiny. However physically he was impressive and he may have gotten better in the role had it been picked up for a year as a series. Around this time I remember Brown giving quite adequate performances in episodes of Nancy Drew and Threes Company. I barely remember watching these movies when they came on back then and I’m sure I liked them when I was nine. Cap has been favorite super hero since I was like six so even as bad as these movies are I was glad to see them again. My wife got this for me for Father’s Day and it came from the $3.74 bin from Wal-mart so it was worth that price.