Upcoming junk and stuff


I’m still aiming to have a review of the giant monster flick the Black Scorpion out this weekend. Next week will see the start of the Halloween Hootenanny celebration here at the blog. Hey if the stores can put Halloween stuff out then I can write reviews on the stuff now as well. In the past I have done themes for each week, but I don’t think I’ll do that this year. I have problems finding time to write and if I leave what I can review more open and just pick from the list of shows I posted on last week then there is a better chance it will actually happen. Next week I’ll be reviewing three Halloween or monster related shows. The week will kick off with Square Pegs and although I don’t know which two others will follow I will try to have them at least every other day next week. I’ll keep this pace going through Halloween. In October I’ll aim to throw in a movie review every week. Also once this month and once in October Skeletor should find his way back here to present his animated villain of the month. Feel free to add any suggestions.

Hope you stop by!