Halloween Hootenannny-Castle-Vampire Weekend



Castle and Beckett find a dead dude with fangs, oh and he was staked. Turns out the fangs are ceramic and he was into vampires and hung out with a bunch of other freaks. Who killed this guy? Why was he so into vampires? Why do people in some area call snowball shaved ice? Anyways back to the murder investigation thingie. The fake vampire was into art and drew comics (yay), but he saw drew dead people (ewww) and it’s believed that he saw something very nasty (yucko). The good people bring in another vampire with a skin condition who speaks gibberish and may or may not be a suspect. Then they find a dead werewolf. Oh, wait that was actually his Halloween costume, but he’s still dead. There lots of examining fake vampires and looking at comics. Eventually the dead fake vampires family is brought under scrutiny. Allow me to scrutinize you, oh wait the show is almost over. Turns out stepmom killed first mom years ago. The son saw it and it kept coming back into his artwork until he figured out what she had done. So she killed him and eventually the fake werewolf too. Onward to Castle’s Halloween party.

The negatives-Not so much.

The positives-Lots of great costumes including a Firefly reference. The vampire stuff is kind of cool too. The mystery itself is strong and different with the vampire aspect.