Halloween Hootenanny-Square Pegs-Halloween XII

Square Pegs Muffy and Loomis


It’s Halloween time and Lauren and Patty decide to go a party at their teacher’s house with their usual quest to become more popular. Wait, teacher house for a party? That would be cool? Oh, well. They go and have much concern over the sleepover/pajama part of this party. The popular girls laugh at their fluffy nightgowns. The party only brings in the usual main characters. It also comes across as one of the worst Halloween parties ever complete with lame activities, odd food and cheesey decorations. However there is a masked someone watching everyone this Halloween night. This figure watches the people who come to the party as well as Vinnie and his unseen accomplices as they toilet paper, soap and egg various areas throughout the town. Johnny and Marshall show up in costume at the party. Then woooooo the lights go out. Vinnie shows up after an evening of vandalism. Then the masked figure who has been watching everyone shows up. Patty and Lauren decide to be brave and confront him/it and it turns out it’s their principal. he has been following Vinny and he gives him his punishment for his antics. The others thank Lauren and Patty for being brave but we all know the next day they will be back to being outcasts.

The negatives-The not so great characters (Vinnie, LaDonna) continue to be as tedious as ever.

The positives-The good characters¬† (Muffie, Johnny, Patty, Lauren) all have good lines and shine. I liked seeing the early 80’s Halloween decorations too.




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