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Halloween Hootenanny-Gilligan’s Island-Up to bat

That fool Gilligan goes and gets himself bit by a bat. Then everyone freaks out thinking it’s a vampire bat and that the skinny sillyhead will turn into a vampire. What a bunch of morons, no wonder they were on that island for so long. Now everyone is afraid of Gilligan in a bite your neck kind of way instead of the usual he’ll screw everything up kind of being afraid. Gilligan thinks he has lost his reflection, but again he just isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. At night Gilligan has a dream that he and Ginger are vampires, silly vampires but still vampires. The Howells are guests or victims if the vampires can get it together. The professor and the skipper are Holmes and Watson kind of characters although not so bright. Yes, they are just throwing everything into the pot here in this episode. The vampire tries to get blood, but gets in a fight with the detectives complete with a nod to the fights in the 60’s Batman TV series. Eventually Gilligan wakes up. Turns out the bat was just a fruit bat so everything is okay except for that being stuck on a sucky island thing. Oh, well roll the credits.

The negatives- If you are expecting a strong script then you are watching the wrong show.

The positives-I heard that the cast always liked when they had dream sequences because it offered them the chance to do something different. I can understand that and they seem to have fun with this one. It’s one of my favorites of the show. They toss in elements of Universal and Hammer films in the vampire parts which is quite alright by me. A bit of an overlooked choice for Halloween viewing, but definitely worth seeing.

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2 responses to “Halloween Hootenanny-Gilligan’s Island-Up to bat

  1. Fun stuff! I’ve been watching some episodes lately because they are on TV Land channel. I haven’t seen this one yet but I remember it (vaguely) from when I was a youngster 🙂

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