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Halloween Hootenanny-The Jeff Foxworthy show-With two you get cows milk


It’s Halloween and Jeff goes overboard with decorating for his Halloween party. This is partially because he loves the holiday and in part because he wants to compete with his father in law. Jeff shares trick or treat tips with his son, buys a bunch of Halloween decorations and forgets to take care of things he is supposed to like buying food for the party. At the party Jeff begins to compete with his father in law in pumpkin carving and other things. The bickering and competing eventually ticks off his wife and mother in law so both men are banished from the party and have to sit on the porch. Eventually they are allowed to participate in a scavenger hunt but they have to do it as a team. What they don’t know is that Jeff”s mother in law added “milk from a cow” to their list. Eventually after some arguing and struggles they get everything on the list including the milk. They return thinking better of each other. Jeff’s son Matt ate too much candy and can’t sleep as he runs around the house. Roll the credits.

The Jeff Foxworthy show went two seasons, but it was really like two different shows. This was from the first season and it was a fish out of water scenario with southerner Foxworthy living in Indiana dealing with financial struggles, his college professor father in law and snooty neighbors. Somewhere around the middle of this season the ratings were not good so they changed some supporting cast and for me the average show got even worse. It was canceled after this season. However another network picked it up, but they revamped it. Only Foxworthy and Haley Joel Osment were retained and a whole new and mostly better supporting cast was hired, they had Jeff go back to the south and focused more on his redneck heritage. The second season was much better, but ratings were not good enough and it was canceled after the season. The writing on the first season was generally not good, but this Halloween episode was decent enough. The decorations, costumes and Foxworthy’s Halloween jokes help this one.




2 responses to “Halloween Hootenanny-The Jeff Foxworthy show-With two you get cows milk

  1. Jeff Foxworthy had a show? lol

  2. He has had far more TV success playing second fiddle to 5th graders.

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