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Halloween Hootenanny-Starsky and Hutch-The vampire



Dancers are showing up having been strangled and given punctures on their necks. Gee talk about adding insult to injury. Starsky and Hutch banter about trying to figure out what the heck is going on as the bodies pile up. Turns out a foreign ballet teacher (John Saxon) who is faking an injury actually fancies himself a vampire. A puffy shirt and cape wearing vampire who likes fluttering about scaring and then killing women. He acts all business when he is a dance instructor and then turns into a real nutbar when he slips in the fake fangs. Eventually our heroes figure out what’s going on and they manage to stop the fake vampire before killing his latest would be victim (Suzanne Somers). Freakshow gets taken away, S and H triumph once again and back to a funky time in the mid-1970’s.

The negatives-While the first season of this show saw some for then gritty cases the second season went away from that and we saw more Hollywood and oddness slipping in like this plot.

The positives- The guests on this episode included John Saxon, Suzanne Somers, G.W Bailey, Colleen Camp and Phil Leeds. Saxon was a regular in TV and B movies, Somers was just months away from beginning Three’s Company and the others are pretty awesome character types you have seen quite a bit of. The guests on this one sure help it to be watchable.





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2 responses to “Halloween Hootenanny-Starsky and Hutch-The vampire

  1. Cool episode. didn’t remember it until you posted this, lol.

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