Halloween Hootenanny-The Brady Bunch-To move or not to move

I know I promised Angel today, but I was in more of a Brady mood so here you go. I will review an Angel episode during another week.

Those Brady kids are at eat other’s throats .. well not literally they are just arguing a lot it’s not like they are strangling each other..at least not yet. Mostly about having to share a bathroom and there isn’t enough space for six kids. So Peter uses piggy bank money hires an evil axe-wielding clown to pick off the rest of his siblings one at a time during the night and take their remains back to his funhouse of terror wahahahaha. Oops I don’t think that last part actually happened. Anyways back to the real show. Mr. and Mrs. Brady agree that they probably do need a bigger house complete with dank dark basement to keep their flesh eating slugs…oh I may have made up that slug part sorry. The house is up for sale, but the kids decide they don’t want to leave because they like this house. They come up with the idea to make the house appear haunted to scare off any would be buyers. They accidently give Alice a fatal heart attack so they bury her body under Tiger’s doghouse and vow never┬áto tell their parents that Alice packed her things and left in the middle of the night. Oh I don’t think that last line happened. Um oh yeah the kids have noises going and Mrs. Brady and Alice begin to get uneasy. Mr. Brady isn’t as easily convinced. One night the realtor brings a lady over to see the house and the kids pour it on with noises and bed sheet ghosts, but Mr. Brady being older than 5 realizes it’s not ghosts, but just kids trying to pull one. The kids explain they don’t want to move, the Bradys decide not to sell and all is well once again so draw the pentagram in blood and bring out the sacrificial goat..oh sorry couldn’t help myself. Roll the credits.

The negatives- If you like the Bradys then this is typical of them. If you don’t like them in general then this won’t change your mind.

The positives-I loved this one as a kid and still do. What normal kid wouldn’t want to scare someone? Having six kids in a plan to scare adults well that’s just pretty awesome.