Buffy the vampire slayer-Phases


Ten things I learned from this episode.

1-A werewolf can rip a hole in a car roof.

2-Don’t get bitten by a relative who is a werewolf.

3-A werewolf is only a werewolf for three nights and human the rest of the time.

4-Werewolf hunters can be real jerks.

5-A werewolf will be attracted by sexual heat.

6-Werewolves can crash parties.

7-If you wake up naked in the woods you might be a werewolf.

8-Be sure the guy you accuse of being a werewolf really is one or you might find out something else entirely.

9-A vampire slayer can bend a werewolf hunter’s gun.

10-I really missed Seth Green’s Oz when he eventually left this show.


The negatives-Not so much.

The positives- A pretty good episode that focuses on one of my favorite characters on this show-Oz.


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Upcoming junk and stuff


Despite some sparse posting from me at some points during the month I am back on track now.  I’m hoping to wrap up the week with Buffy the vampire slayer tomorrow and the Adventures of Brisco County Jr. on Halloween. As I said I will continue the blog in November. Not sure all that I will get to but I do hope to include a Voyagers week plus reviews of Chopping Mall, Slaughter High, The Black Scorpion and The Skull plus maybe some sci-fi film. Also hopefully Skeletor will return to do his column maybe even twice during the month. Feel free to add any suggestions or comments. Tell your friends and enemies that the worst written sci-fi/horror blog is back in business. Take care.

Space 1999-The troubled spirit



Some of the crew are listening to a concert, but a few botany lovers are holding a séance in their workspace. The séance kicks up a huge wind alarming everyone and crewman Mateo thinks something else has happened as well. The salad séance or whatever it was appears to have created a disfigured version of Mateo that appears when he gets upset. Apparently he gets upset a lot as his dark self starts popping to freak people out and knock off people he gets upset at. Koenig, Victor know something is going on and get Mateo to conjure up the dark half during yet another séance around a plant. I think I saw Alan pull off a few leaves and eat them with some olive oil and vinegar … well maybe not. The dark half pops up and looks all scary at least until it gets under full light and we see the make-up limitations. Victory and Koenig come up with a plan to isolate Mateo, force the dark half out and keep it confined so it can’t kill with the idea being that this would end it’s existence. That all works up until the bad Mateo and the regular Mateo both die at the same time. Hey main problem solved anyhow. Roll the credits.

Negatives-This is one of several episodes of this show to explain happenings with the supernatural rather than science.

The positives- The music created just for this episodes is pretty darn good and helps the action too. Overall a decent , but not great episode.



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Bewitched-A safe and sane Halloween


Sam and Darrin decide to take Tabitha trick or treating. Sam reads Tabitha a story the night before about a goblin, a gremlin and a jack o lantern. The story ends up inspiring Tabitha to zap these characters into the real world. On Halloween Sam takes Tabitha trick or treating and she brings her storybook friends along with her and of course Sam just thinks they are other kids in costumes following them. Eventually after some odd things start happening Sam realizes what Tabitha has done and tries to get the characters back to the house to put them back into their book. Sounds simple right? Larry and Louise Tate show up at the house blocking the way and asking question. Then wouldn’t you know it Tommy (nephew of Gladys Kravitz) is wearing the same costume as the pumpkin head character so Sam gets them mixed up and grabs the wrong one. Eventually it all gets straightened out and the characters go back in the book and a Happy Halloween is had by all.

The negatives-Not so much.

The positives-Not all shows can pull off adding a kid after they go a while without one, but Bewitched did. I like Tabitha and this is a good episode for her. I like the 60’s book and costumes.

A very highly recommended Halloween episode particularly if you have kids.


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The rest of the week


Just days before the big Holiday. I got behind in reviews last week, but aim to pick it up in the home stretch this week. Bewitched should be out tomorrow and the rest of the week will hopefully include Buffy the vampire slayer, The adventures of Brisco County Jr. and maybe one more. Hope you’ve enjoyed the Halloween Hootenanny so far.

I have decided to keep the blog going after Halloween. I doubt it will on the 5-7 posts per week schedule I once did, but I think it will be more of a 2-3 posts per week kind of deal with mostly reviews and a few funny segments and lists thrown in too. Keep stopping by and comments and suggestions are welcome.


Johnny Quest-The curse of Anubis



Someone in Egypt has taken this old doggie head statue, created an uproar and caused a ratty looking mummy to pop back to life and start waltzing across the sand dunes. Dr. Quest is called in by an Egyptian scientist type although he seems up to no good. So Dr. Quest, Race, Johnny, Hadji and Bandit all hop over to Egypt. They hear tales about the mummy, but don’t believe it at first. The Egyptian dude is kind of vague about his findings and Dr. Quest is suspicious right away. He has reason to be as it is a trap. The dude stole the doggie statue and plans on pinning it on Quest and Race, leaving them for dead and figuring that by accusing them of theft this will bring his people together to unite against other countries. Yeah, sounds like someone has had brain out in the sun for far too long. As if leaving our adult heroes alone in a tomb wasn’t enough the creep unleashes some poisonous snakes on them as well. Meanwhile some other evil dudes try to grab Johnny and Hadji, but they flee on a motorcycle. Fortunately they show up in time to release Johnny’s dad and Race. Hadji does some fancy flute work to shoo the snakes away. However there’s that old baddie with a gun to finish what he started, but wait the mummy finally stumbles in and takes care of the bad dude and himself. Yay, roll the animated credits and that great theme.


Negatives- It was mid-1960’s so racial stereo types were still in full swing in cartoon like this one. The plot is kind of thin compared to some of the others of the series.

Positives-This is a fantastic action cartoon in my opinion and the pace is strong as usual for this series. I think the animation is quite good for the time (50 plus years ago).  I think Hanna Barbara paid more attention to detail on this show than they did on something like Scooby Doo which started a full five years later and by the way borrowed monsters, plots and music from this show.

Even better yet matchup a Johnny Quest and a Scooby Doo for back to back Halloween viewing.

I may do a Johnny Quest at some point and review several episodes and maybe even the Johnny Quest-Tom and Jerry crossover film Spy Quest from this pas summer.

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Haunted library


I think I wrote on this last year. A library in the system I work in did a haunted library (a few rooms) last year and it was great. I think they did an even better job this year. Keep in mind that teen volunteers did a lot of the planning and assembling of this along with several librarians. I thought they did a great job. This past Saturday we took the kids to trick or treating in the town, then got in the long line for the haunted library. By the time that was done it was only about half an hour until the parade so went and found spots for that. Trick or treating was cool, the haunted library was great but for the parade although good there were far less entries than last year. Still a great evening. We went to my son’s scout Halloween party and truck or treat last year and that was good. The Truck or treat ended right before it rained. Our last big event is this Friday the party at a local fire hall that we have been going to for years. Here are picks from the haunted library.




Star Trek – Catspaw



Crewman Jackson beams back up to the ship dead although a voice warns the rest of the crew to stay away. Of course Kirk, Spock and McCoy beams down to the planet to try and find Scotty and Sulu who were also in the landing party with Jackson. Instead they find fog, witches and a big old castle. Inside they find a black cat, skeletons and are captured. Their captors Sylvia and Korab dress like a witch and wizard of some sort. They try to run the crew off although the woman eventually tries to seduce Kirk-she obviously doesn’t know who she’s dealing with. Kirk and Spock eventually realize these are semi-dimwitted aliens with only partial knowledge of other species and that that their power is limited. A chase begins, the weaker alien is killed by his co-worker and eventually the aliens are exposed as little blue critters who quickly whither and die. Back to the ship and off to the next planet.

The negatives-This episode starts out well but turns into an okay case of Kirk knows best which aren’t always the best episodes.

The positives-It’s classic Trek with some horror elements even if they are of the cheese variety. The sets looks solid for the time and limited budget. The re-mastered version adds to some shots particularly the castle.


SMash 1



The Dukes of Hazzard-The Hazzardville horror



This young woman Mary Lou who knows the Dukes comes back in town to take over this old house. Ever notice how every show has a haunted house in town? The house is old, spooky looking and has weird sounds and pictures where the eyes seem to follow. Hey they must have ripped this one off from Scooby Doo. Eventually we learn that the a father and son team of crooks are at the house in the basement by way of secret passages. They are using it as a hideout and a place to melt down metals they are stealing. Eventually more fake scary stuff goes on. The Duke boys discover what’s going on, but a little too late. Boss and Roscoe are after the Dukes and the Dukes go after the crooks who are now fleeing in their van. Eventually the crooks are caught, the Dukes are cleared and all is back to what counts as normal in Hazzard.

The negatives- It’s the same old plot that pops up in this show most of the time.

The positives-The haunted house looks it’s role and I really like the area behind the wall that the crooks used.. It’s season three so the car chases and stunts were still fairly fresh. Good to see Morgan Brittany as Mary Lou Pringle. You may know here from Dallas, but she was also in Sundown: The vampire in retreat and was a child actress who was in among other things episodes of The outer limits, The Twilight Zone and the Andy Griffith show.





Tales from the darkside- Inside the closet


Graduate student Gail thinks she’s lucky when she goes to rent a room from a professor. A supposedly locked closet opens and closes, plus on time she finds clothes and other items in it. She tries setting a rat trap in the closet after hearing noises, but eventually she gets caught in it and has some bloody fingers. She tells the professor she suspects rats, but he says that can’t be. Gail becomes obsessed with finding what is going on. Unfortunately it turns out to be a very nasty beastie and she tries to flee, but it gets and kills her. At the end it turns out the professor knew all along and treats the monster like his daughter. Roll the syndicated credits.

The negatives-All the events of the closest having and not having items aren’t totally answered as to how they happen. Although at one point the professor says the closest is connected to attic space so I guess the assumption is the monsters moves itself and items back and forth between the closet and the attic.

The positives- Both the leads are well played and helps elevate a fairly simple story. The effects may seem slightly dates, but I think they are quite effective. I started watching this show back in the fall of 1984 during the first season. I think I saw a few episodes before this one and some were good while some were okay, but all were mostly just talk and just mild fiction. This was the first episode I saw that was horror and the first made a real impression on me then at 14. I still think it holds up well and is one of the best of the entire series.