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Upcoming junk and stuff

I didn’t get around to reviewing the Three Stooges last week, but this week I’m actually off work for several days since I have leave to use up. Which means I can hopefully get caught up on the reviews as well knocking out a list of stuff I want to do around the house. In addition to the stooges I hope to have reviews of Angel, the Munsters and Friday the 13th the series. I think I may not throw in the movies I was planning to review this month. I’ll just stick to show reviews this month and then in November I’ll get back into reviewing some films.
For other upcoming topics I’m doing a Halloween craft program soon at my work and I’ll post pics of what we are going to make once I create examples. I recently learned of a used record store up the road from where I live. It has been there for over a year, but it’s not in a part of town I go to often. Once I heard about I invited a friend and we went and found. They have very limited hours and new managements. It’s pretty cool though. They even have a huge ten cent section, that’s where I pick from. Actually we went back for a second time this past week. What’s this have to do with this blog? Among my latest buys were two compilations from the 70’s with sci-fi type album covers. So at some point next month I may do a post on sci-fi related album covers.

Take care and go Cubbies!


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

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