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The Three Stooges-We want our mummy



Larry, Curly and Moe take a P.I. job to go to Egypt and try to find a missing professor who was trying to find the tomb of King Rooten Tooten. However they are unaware of the curse and were only hired because no else was silly enough to take the job. They take a taxi from New York to Egypt..I’ll bet crossing the ocean was a pain in the backside. After some punching, slapping and other shenanigans the stooges eventually fall through the sand and find some tunnels. Moe and Larry are captured by some baddies, but quickly escape. Curly runs into a mummy but he flees. The stooges join up and continue looking for the missing professor. Meanwhile the mummy that chased Curly was just a dude in bandages. He and his buds have the missing scientist and are trying to get him to tell them where the tomb is, but he isn’t talking. Eventually the stooges bumble into the bad guys and manage to take care of them and free the scientist. They find the tomb..hurray! Then Curly mistakes a real crocodile for a fake and gets snapped at. The stooges and the scientist race to the waiting Taxi. Roll the credits.

The negatives-You may want to compare this to Abbot and Costello meet the mummy. That may not be fair since this is a short and A and C was a feature film.

The positives-This is a good stooges film. I think the dialog is stronger than the slapstick in this one. The stooges didn’t get into dealing with monsters as much as A and C did, but this is a decent short.





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