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Angel-Fall to pieces



This is the Angel episode where Angel doesn’t show much emotion and decides to play help people without asking to be paid. Oh, wait that’s most of the episodes of this show. A woman named Melissa goes to Angel and his staff for help. A surgeon named Ronald Meltzer who performed surgery on her is now pushing himself on her. He begins acting like they have some relationship, but she barely knows him. Things get worse as he continues to go after her and knows about things she has does done. She is creeped out and has no idea how he knows things she is doing behind close doors. Turns out not only is he a stalker, but he can detach his body parts without hurting himself. He has been using his detached eyeballs to watch her in her place amongst other weirdo activities. Angel and his co-workers begin to realize what Meltzer can do, but he goes off trying to get Melissa. Nutcase uses his detached body parts in fighting Doyle and Angel. His not knowing that Angel is a vampire hurts him in the fight and the guy triumph over bizarre detached body part guy. Roll the credits.

The negatives-This is episode four of the series so characters are still being established.

The positives-This episode doesn’t get a lot of mentions in the Buffyverse probably because it’s not all vampire drama stuff. However I think the villain is a rather original and slightly scary creation so it’s a good one for me.



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