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Voyagers!-Don’t fool with Satan



Bogg and Jeffery end up flying into Salem right when a supposed witch is being tracked down. They Voyagers realize that it’s two months after the witch trials actually ended so something is wrong and needs to be corrected. Unfortunately they and the young woman (who will be the mother of Benjamin Franklin and needs to be saved so she can do that) they are trying save get nabbed, tossed in jail and some chubby dude takes Bogg’s Omni away. Bogg is set to be burned first snap crackle pop, but Jefferey gets the Omni and gets Bogg out of there and off to another time. It’s the 20th century and Harry Houdini is about to expose a fake at a séance. Unfortunately Bogg and Jeffery fall in at that time, Harry sees them and thinks ghosts are real and that history is off, but Bogg hurries them out. Jeffrey tells Bogg they have to go back and tell Houdini they weren’t ghosts so they didn’t end his magic career. When they get back the woman holding the séance gets the Omni away from Bogg because he’s like the Captain Kirk of the time travel world and is attracted to every pretty face he meets. They are held prisoner by a bunch of sour, ugly dudes. Eventually they escape and get to Houdini, but the woman and her dudes grab all three guys and bury them. Houdini doesn’t have a way out, but Bogg does as he had stolen the Omni back from the woman. They blindfold Houdini and go off to another time telling him anything he hears is an illusion. The mean woman is ready to hold another fake séance to reveal to the attendees that Houdini is dead. However he and the Voyagers drop in and end the woman’s reign of naughtiness. Then Bogg and Jeffrey go back to Salem to save the unjustly accused woman. They get her and get away, but the Omni still shows red which means all is not right yet.. oh bat’s breath (Bogg saying). They decide to scare the accusers into confessing they are lying by using disguises and mirrors. It works, but they wonder how there was three of them pretending to be ghosts, but four ghosts spoke? Weeeeoooooo.

The negatives-If you’ve watched Voyagers you know they are limited on the budget and use stock footage liberally.

The positives-This was one of my favorite episodes of one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. If you didn’t watch it back then do yourself a favor and track down the series on DVD. Watching this episode reminded me of how much I was into this show so I think I may dedicate a whole week to it in November.

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One response to “Voyagers!-Don’t fool with Satan

  1. Victor De Leon ⋅

    Oh the nostalgia! Loved this show growing up. Don’t particularly recall this ep, though. Nice post 🙂

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