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Tales from the darkside- Inside the closet


Graduate student Gail thinks she’s lucky when she goes to rent a room from a professor. A supposedly locked closet opens and closes, plus on time she finds clothes and other items in it. She tries setting a rat trap in the closet after hearing noises, but eventually she gets caught in it and has some bloody fingers. She tells the professor she suspects rats, but he says that can’t be. Gail becomes obsessed with finding what is going on. Unfortunately it turns out to be a very nasty beastie and she tries to flee, but it gets and kills her. At the end it turns out the professor knew all along and treats the monster like his daughter. Roll the syndicated credits.

The negatives-All the events of the closest having and not having items aren’t totally answered as to how they happen. Although at one point the professor says the closest is connected to attic space so I guess the assumption is the monsters moves itself and items back and forth between the closet and the attic.

The positives- Both the leads are well played and helps elevate a fairly simple story. The effects may seem slightly dates, but I think they are quite effective. I started watching this show back in the fall of 1984 during the first season. I think I saw a few episodes before this one and some were good while some were okay, but all were mostly just talk and just mild fiction. This was the first episode I saw that was horror and the first made a real impression on me then at 14. I still think it holds up well and is one of the best of the entire series.





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2 responses to “Tales from the darkside- Inside the closet

  1. drhumpp

    I love the way they use the puppet in this one. Great fun!

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