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The Dukes of Hazzard-The Hazzardville horror



This young woman Mary Lou who knows the Dukes comes back in town to take over this old house. Ever notice how every show has a haunted house in town? The house is old, spooky looking and has weird sounds and pictures where the eyes seem to follow. Hey they must have ripped this one off from Scooby Doo. Eventually we learn that the a father and son team of crooks are at the house in the basement by way of secret passages. They are using it as a hideout and a place to melt down metals they are stealing. Eventually more fake scary stuff goes on. The Duke boys discover what’s going on, but a little too late. Boss and Roscoe are after the Dukes and the Dukes go after the crooks who are now fleeing in their van. Eventually the crooks are caught, the Dukes are cleared and all is back to what counts as normal in Hazzard.

The negatives- It’s the same old plot that pops up in this show most of the time.

The positives-The haunted house looks it’s role and I really like the area behind the wall that the crooks used.. It’s season three so the car chases and stunts were still fairly fresh. Good to see Morgan Brittany as Mary Lou Pringle. You may know here from Dallas, but she was also in Sundown: The vampire in retreat and was a child actress who was in among other things episodes of The outer limits, The Twilight Zone and the Andy Griffith show.





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