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Bewitched-A safe and sane Halloween


Sam and Darrin decide to take Tabitha trick or treating. Sam reads Tabitha a story the night before about a goblin, a gremlin and a jack o lantern. The story ends up inspiring Tabitha to zap these characters into the real world. On Halloween Sam takes Tabitha trick or treating and she brings her storybook friends along with her and of course Sam just thinks they are other kids in costumes following them. Eventually after some odd things start happening Sam realizes what Tabitha has done and tries to get the characters back to the house to put them back into their book. Sounds simple right? Larry and Louise Tate show up at the house blocking the way and asking question. Then wouldn’t you know it Tommy (nephew of Gladys Kravitz) is wearing the same costume as the pumpkin head character so Sam gets them mixed up and grabs the wrong one. Eventually it all gets straightened out and the characters go back in the book and a Happy Halloween is had by all.

The negatives-Not so much.

The positives-Not all shows can pull off adding a kid after they go a while without one, but Bewitched did. I like Tabitha and this is a good episode for her. I like the 60’s book and costumes.

A very highly recommended Halloween episode particularly if you have kids.


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3 responses to “Bewitched-A safe and sane Halloween

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  2. I watched this epi not too long ago, my wife loves Bewitched and we have many seasons on dvd. I think they are having a marathon on one of the channels on Halloween, maybe on ‘Antenna TV.’

  3. Yep, Bewitched Marathon on Antenna on Friday 10-30, They are showing an Alfred Hitchcock presents marathon on Halloween.

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