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Space 1999-The troubled spirit



Some of the crew are listening to a concert, but a few botany lovers are holding a séance in their workspace. The séance kicks up a huge wind alarming everyone and crewman Mateo thinks something else has happened as well. The salad séance or whatever it was appears to have created a disfigured version of Mateo that appears when he gets upset. Apparently he gets upset a lot as his dark self starts popping to freak people out and knock off people he gets upset at. Koenig, Victor know something is going on and get Mateo to conjure up the dark half during yet another séance around a plant. I think I saw Alan pull off a few leaves and eat them with some olive oil and vinegar … well maybe not. The dark half pops up and looks all scary at least until it gets under full light and we see the make-up limitations. Victory and Koenig come up with a plan to isolate Mateo, force the dark half out and keep it confined so it can’t kill with the idea being that this would end it’s existence. That all works up until the bad Mateo and the regular Mateo both die at the same time. Hey main problem solved anyhow. Roll the credits.

Negatives-This is one of several episodes of this show to explain happenings with the supernatural rather than science.

The positives- The music created just for this episodes is pretty darn good and helps the action too. Overall a decent , but not great episode.



sptts0593 The Troubled Spirithqdefault


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