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Buffy the vampire slayer-Phases


Ten things I learned from this episode.

1-A werewolf can rip a hole in a car roof.

2-Don’t get bitten by a relative who is a werewolf.

3-A werewolf is only a werewolf for three nights and human the rest of the time.

4-Werewolf hunters can be real jerks.

5-A werewolf will be attracted by sexual heat.

6-Werewolves can crash parties.

7-If you wake up naked in the woods you might be a werewolf.

8-Be sure the guy you accuse of being a werewolf really is one or you might find out something else entirely.

9-A vampire slayer can bend a werewolf hunter’s gun.

10-I really missed Seth Green’s Oz when he eventually left this show.


The negatives-Not so much.

The positives- A pretty good episode that focuses on one of my favorite characters on this show-Oz.


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