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Chopping Mall


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Ah 1986 back when they saw that the future would include security robots that would roam through malls after hours keeping them secure. That is until a lightning storm hit throwing off their programming and causing them to see everyone as a threat. Good thing there’s not any crazy young people having an after hours party in a mattress store. Cripey there they are, hey you kids knock off that nonsense! Too late the killer robots saw them and the slaughter begins. Lasers beams are flying, heads are blowing up we have ourselves a horror film of sorts now. These robots sure like to electrocute peoples via cheap animation. Even veteran character actor Dick Miller gets fried while he’s trying to mop the floors. The young people get knocked off one at a time as they flee from store to store trying to avoid the mechanical murderers. The people fight back and begin to even the score. Eventually the people win and killers are beaten. Yay let’s go shopping in what’s left of the blood stained, dead body and burnt bolt filled mall!

The negatives-It’s a low budget film obviously and it shows. The film does have more humor than your average 1980’s horror film which not appeal to everyone.

The positives-A pretty alright B movie cast with people who appeared in such films as Night of the Comet, Friday the 13th pt. 2 and Re-animator. One of my favorite bits was Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov playing the same characters they played in the 1982 cult classic Eating Raoul during the opening demonstration of the robots. I was expecting this film to be a sloppy hack job and instead a was a cheap, but very likeable horror film with dark comedic undertones. Definitely worth giving it a shot.


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5 responses to “Chopping Mall

  1. drhumpp

    As a kid, I was disappointed that it featured robots and not a standard masked slasher, but it’s a fun enough movie anyway.

  2. Nice review. I love this movie! 🙂

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