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Horror Express

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A British science type (Christopher Lee)goes to Russia to dig up something he thinks is a missing link, but really it’s an ancient alien that can kill and take over people. This creature gets packed onto a train going through Russia. It has been woken up by nosey people and more nosey come to look at it and they die with blood busting out their eye sockets. A second British science type (Peter Cushing)ย is on the train and he is curious about the creature, but not so much that he gets his eyes busted. Eventually the two science types realize the creature is loose, taking over people and killing others. A fairly intelligent police man gets taken over and the creature now has the upper hand as he uses the man’s authority to do what he wants. A military type Captain Kazan (Telly Salvaalas over a year before Kojak) gets wind of the mess on the train and he and some of his guys jump on the train to stop this nonsense. A Rasputin type is taken over by the creature and goes bananas wiping out the military guys in the dark in a bloody eyeball attack. The British science types manage to kill the creature by getting part of the train over a cliff and roll those credits and play that spooky music.

The negatives- There is a lot of dubbing and bad wigs in this one.

The positives- The cast is very good throughout. I love the train models going though the snowy landscape. I try to watch this one very winter because of the setting. The pace and action keep it going pretty well. This is one of my favorite 1970’s horror films for sure.



2 responses to “Horror Express

  1. Horror Express is such a great spooky film, really good cast as well, and the model train effects ect look good as well. One of my fave horror films from this era too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. One of my favorites, I even love the melodramatic acting of Paul Naschy ๐Ÿ™‚

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