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Unnecessary sequel? -976 Evil 2

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Why it could be an unnecessary sequel-

No one from the first one is in it.  The first films big drawing cards were that Robert Englund ( Freddy Krueger) directed it and Stephen Geoffreys (Fright Night) starred it. This one does not have those kind of names connected with it.

Change in the main idea. The whole dial in phone service is changed some and we get an evil old guy who can transport around and kill people.

Why it could be necessary-

Three years difference isn’t too long between sequels.

The first film was average in my book so this one doesn’t have a huge hurdle to leap to be something.

There is some phone call stuff like the first film, but it quickly veers off into more of a Freddie Krueger-evil dude can jump out of anywhere kind of movie. A puff haired guy who dresses like a not nearly as cool Mad Max shows up to fill in space and save the girl or just to more hair products on his head. People continue to die, the phone continues to ring and the baddie gets uglier as the film goes along. There are run of the mill deaths and a couple of decent ones. The ending has a predicable element followed quickly by a surprise.

My finding is it wasn’t a necessary sequel because the whole main idea of the film pulled away so much from the first film.

That being said I may be the one person in the world that likes this film more than most people do. It’s low budget cheese, but it never takes itself too seriously, it has some things you can laugh at it over and it had some good moments. So an unnecessary sequel, but a movie that was better than I expected. It may have faired better had it not been a sequel, they pulled out the phone call stuff all together (it wasn’t that important to the plot) and they made it it’s own movie Occult Killer or something. The film may have also benefitted from me having low expectations from it due to it having no one from the original. Whereas when I first saw the original I was slightly disappointed because higher expectations due to the two known people attached to the project.

There you go. I have a workshop with work tomorrow so I hope to be back with Escape from LA on Thursday.



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