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Escape from LA

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Why this could be an unnecessary sequel? Long time between films -15 years.

The time the second film was made-The first film was made in 1981 and had practical special effects. While the second film was made in the made 90’s so it would have CGI which may change the feel of the film compared to the first one.

Why it could be necessary?

The first film was a great cult classic and some people had to wonder what other kind of trouble could Snake get into?

Kurt Russell is back as Snake Plissken. Although much older he got shape for the role and looked the part.

Snake has been apprehended and gets thrown into a nasty no way you’ll be back mission to the island of LA (earthquake caused it). Of course all the criminals , castoffs and character actors needing a buck live there. Snake is supposed to have been inject with this fatal stuff or some nonsense so he’s trying to save his own skin by doing this. Everything goes wrong from the start as he loses his mini-sub, goes straight into acid rain and realizes that post disaster LA isn’t nearly as darn cool as NYC was. There’s lots of shooting, a deadly b-ball game (not hoops oh no!!!!!), surfing with an old dude and a bunch riding around in circles or so it seems. Snake wins out in the end and ruins the day for all those higher ups- like you didn’t see that one coming.

The result-

I have to say unnecessary sequel. The film doesn’t add much to the first film. Actually the brief mentions of what happened in Cleveland sounded far more exciting than what all happened in LA in this film. The dark, grimy feel of the first film is replaced by not so big threats and too much humor (although not all that funny). They took a real cool character and setting and made it very lukewarm.



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