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The return of the Swamp Thing

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Why this could be an unnecessary sequel?

It’s been seven years since the first film, that’s a long time in the movie world.

With stuntman Dick Durock playing ST  the whole time that could mean all action less emotion for the main character.

Why this could be a necessary sequel?

Stuntman Dick Durock is back as the Swamp Thing and the late Louis Jordan is again the evil Dr. Arcane.

The first was good and fairly cheap so maybe a sequel would work.

Swamp Thing is still around and hey somehow so is Dr. Arcane. Now he has mercenaries who shoot like Imperial Stormtroopers. Arcane’s stepdaughter (I think that’s the relationship) shows up and she’s pretty but dim. Of course Arcane is up to no darn good again. Swamp Thing and the stepdaughter get tight and Swamp Thin battle Arcane, his creations and his flunkies. There are lots of jokes, predictable pieces and oh yeah swamp stuff. SW tears up the baddies, rescues the girl, takes time for pics with some kids and saves the day. Hooray!

Was it necessary?

Yes, it changes the feel of the series to being more campy. However he’s a plant dude, lighten up people. I liked this one, I thought the cast had fun with it and I had fun watching it. It wasn’t as good as the first, but for me it was a Swamp Thing film and I’ll say it was necessary. Feel free to disagree, throw swamp water, change into an evil monster and go after me or whatever you like.


roswampthing4 swamp-thing-auburn2


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