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Tower of evil AKA: Horror on Snape Island, Horror of Snape Island and Beyond the fog



These fisherman go to check on these young people that went to this island looking for Professor Snape. Oh, wait I think they just wanted to have sex and smoke dope. Anyways they find three dead nasty young bodies and then one of them wippersnapers is all nudey like with blood on her body and she has a knife that she is waving around like a nutbar. The one fisherman manages to knock her out. Then they cart her off to looney bin or something where she is quizzed. She talks about bad vibes and naked goings ons at the island then her friends died. The people running these tests think she went bonkers and killed her friends. However there may be treasure at the island so let’s pull in some archaeologists, cool dude, nymphos and old fisherman types so we can head back to the place where three people where just brutally murdered! Did I mention there could be treasure? Surely that makes up for the violent death stuff? They all load up in a tiny boat and head off. Once they get there it’s all and bright plus they find the treasure and live happily ever after. Let loose the rainbows and unicorns! Yeah, right this is a horror film. A bunch of them get killed in horrible ways one at a time starting with the partakers of sex. Turns out the murders form before were not done by the naked girl, but were instead done by a neanderthal hairy kind of dude. He’s all mad in a killing out of his head kind of way. Eventually a few of the group manage to kill him and survive. Yay for them. Roll the credits.


The negatives-From a storytelling perspective it’s a bit messy for at least the first half an hour or so. The acting is far from stellar.

The positives-The film builds the suspense fairly well. The sets are pretty darn good. The ideas may have been messy, but eventually the film gets a fir amount of the story.

I had put off watching this one for years because I prefer my British horror films to be gothics rather than slashers, but I enjoyed this one fairly well. I hope to watch it again soon.

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2 responses to “Tower of evil AKA: Horror on Snape Island, Horror of Snape Island and Beyond the fog

  1. drhumpp

    I liked this one too. I haven’t thought about it in years. Nice review!

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