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The Eeerie Midnight horror show AKA-The Sexorcist and Enter the devil


1974/1978 is also listed, but that must be a later release likely in the US or UK as the clothing certainly dates the film as being closer to the early 70’s.

This is a very tasteful and sensitive film about demonic possession. Just kidding it’s an Exorcist rip off. This college student takes an interest in this weird wooden sculpture of a guy being crucified. Okay, she has an interest in art so I guess that fits. She had the wooden guy taken down and brought to her place. Okay, I can sort of see that. All is going normal and then the wooden dude turns real but unlike Pinnochio he becomes the devil, rips off the girl’s clothes and boinks her right there. Her parents wear wigs and cheat on each other, but when their little girl starts getting dark circles under eyes and begins masturbating like crazy they get all concerned. They seek help form the church because I guess in Italy that’s what you do when someone gets dark circles and starts playing with herself. The priests get all scared, the parents get all scared and the girl has freakish nightmares as the devil continues torment her by laughing and putting stakes through her hands yeaouch oh that was a dream. The girl gets locked up but she eventually escapes and runs around like a loon. Eventually a scared priest says some words and she barfs up what looks like Alka-Seltzer fizz with some burnt fish skins throw in here and there. Now she is no longer possessed of the naughty devil. Roll those credits.

The negatives-The film doesn’t have enough horror throughout to appeal to horror fans and not enough trash to appeal to those kind of fans. The second half of the film is downright tedious.

The positives-The beginning of the film has some promise.

Overall this is a fairly lame film that will have you thinking they could and should have been able to do more.


irex PDVD_027


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