Comet TV grade card-one month


On Halloween a new science fiction and horror network called Comet debuted. I have watched it when I can and wanted to chime in about it’s first month.

It’s not on cable and you may be able to get in your area. Programming runs 10 AM to 4 AM on week days and 7 AM to 4AM on weekends. They had at first promised to be a 24 hour network. They currently show infomercials during their non-programming hours, but perhaps they will build up to being 2 hours.

The positives-

Hey, it’s sci-fi and horror. They air shows and movies from the 60’s to the 90’s with the greatest emphasis so far on the 90’s and 80’s. They have shown some good ones like the Terminator, the two Blacula films, Night of the comet and some movies I had never seen before like Solar Babies. The two main TV shows they show are the Outer Limits (both the original 60’s and the 90’s version) and Stargate SG1. I love the original Outer Limits. I had never seen SG-1 before but have begun to warm up to it from watching it here.


The negatives- They show a lot of the newer Outer Limits and SG1. They promised the other Stargate series too, but that hasn’t happened yet. They also repeat episodes during the week. more than once I got into an episode of SG1 and then tune it later that week hoping to see one that builds on where they were and instead it’s a repeat just like two days later. For the month of November they have shown a lot of the same films over and over and it’s usually the bad ones. They showed Terminator on  Halloween and then not at all the whole month of November. Although they are supposed to show it again in December.


A few other items-They just recently started a Facebook page and it’s decent, but I wish it had started when the network did. The network site is very minimal. Plus here it is December 1st and they still only have a November calendar up.

First month grade- C plus


-How could this network get better?

More variety. Don’t put on a show more than twice a day, don’t repeat the same episode a few days later and don’t show a movie more than twice a month. Get those Stargate spinoff shows on there.  This network is done by MGM and yet they have only shown a couple of the films that they released on their Midnite Movies DVDs. Come on they have to have the rights to some better movies so let’s see them. Go to 24 hours only if it’s with more sci-fi and horror programming.

I didn’t give them a great grade, but it’s only been a month and I am rooting for them to get better.