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I’m still hoping to review Slaughter High tomorrow. Next week I plan to review Tremors 4 and 5 as I just watched them. Parts 2 and 3 could happen if I get to watch them over the weekend. Beyond that I think Skeletor will be by with his animated villain of the month. I am looking ahead to the New Year and planning what to write as well. For special features for 2016 I think Skeletor will continue his column. I was also thinking of bringing back 80’s video games but adding 90’s (mostly the first half of the decade to that as well). As always let me know any suggestions or anything you would see on my blog.

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Ten things I learned from The Black Scorpion

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1-Earthquakes can instantly cause brand new volcanoes.

2-These kind of volcanoes can cause giant Scorpions to come out.

3-Villagers in Mexico think a demon is more likely to come around then is a giant scorpion.

4-Giant worm and giant spiders like hanging out in the same area as giant scorpions.

5-If a giant scorpion is around do not get on a train. They’ll go after you first.

6-Giant scorpions hate competition so the biggest one might wipe out all of the smaller ones.

7-Giant scorpions aren’t big fans of the police.

8-A stadium is the perfect place to try to kill a giant scorpion.

9-Scorpions love big hunks of meat so you can use that to lure one in should you want to lure one in.

10-Electricity is our friend, but it isn’t so friendly for this giant scorpion because it’s used to kill it.

This is a rather typical giant monster film. It’s most known because Willis O’Brien (King Kong, Mighty Joe Young)¬†worked on it. Although some of the models were borrowed from some of his previous work and reportedly he helped more planning effects than the actual hands on work. The effects are decent overall. Genre veteran Richard Denning (The creature from the black lagoon, Target Earth, Creature with the atom brain) has the human lead in this film and as always he does very well.

This is an entertaining enough film for the most part. I remember seeing it for the first on AMC around Halloween in the late 90’s and enjoying it. This last viewing may have been the first time I’ve seen it in like 15 years.