Ten things I learned from Slaughter High

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1-High school sucks for some kids.

2-Don’t trust a thirty year old woman pretending to be a teenager, she’s up to no good.

3-Number two could lead to having your private parts poked with javelin, but not in a bloody kind of way.

4-Joints and chemistry labs will lead to no darn good whatsoever.

5-Flesh eating acid and booby traps can turn a nerd into a serial killer.

6-Don’t go to class reunions particularly if you were a bully.

7-If a class reunion seems too good to be true it’s likely a trap.

8-Don’t drink tainted beer it’ll spill your guts out.

9-If you get splattered in blood deal with it, but just don’t strip down and take a bath in an old school locker room

10-A psycho in a jester’s mask means business.

This is a cheesy almost over the top entry in the 80’s slasher flick genre. It has some moments and some parts to really laugh at. If you love the genre you should give it a shot.