New feature-One season shows





You know that show that just go into and then bam it’s canceled? We’ve probably all had that happen. Some times it’s a show where we can’t believe it got canceled while other times you kind of know why it was done away with. There have been a number of shows like that for me and there are others that were on years ago and I go back and check them out. I decided to start a new segment featuring some of these shows, what they were about and whether or not they should have lasted longer than they did. If you want a challenge. I put pictures of ten shows that lasted one season or less so feel free chime in and see how many you know.


space_precinct_2  The-Fantastic-Journey-Starlog  the-tick-140829  vector-and-dirk-promo

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Skeletor’s Animated villain of the month


There I was completely wasting, out of work and down. All inside it’s so frustrating as I drift from town to town. Such is the life of a famous animated villain such as myself. However this column is not about me, but about this month’s animated villain. For the month of December it is…

The one and only the Grinch. He was the very definition of mean that’s for sure. He had that mean look down as good as anyone. He was so full of hate and he managed to put all of that into a great plan to actually steal Christmas for an entire village and of course they had it coming. Unfortunately those awful, sickening Whos brainwashed him and made him all holly, jolly and they caused him to have an enlarged heart which he’s probably going to die soon. Wait maybe the Whos were the real villains of the story- using hynosis and potentially fatal internal organ enlargement against your enemy. Anyways the Grinch had a good run while it lasted. Until next month stay nasty!