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New feature-One season shows





You know that show that just go into and then bam it’s canceled? We’ve probably all had that happen. Some times it’s a show where we can’t believe it got canceled while other times you kind of know why it was done away with. There have been a number of shows like that for me and there are others that were on years ago and I go back and check them out. I decided to start a new segment featuring some of these shows, what they were about and whether or not they should have lasted longer than they did. If you want a challenge. I put pictures of ten shows that lasted one season or less so feel free chime in and see how many you know.


space_precinct_2  The-Fantastic-Journey-Starlog  the-tick-140829  vector-and-dirk-promo

 itsabouttime-1210_cape_560x375  16a70eee6aa780b500679e357e5dc794  David_McCallum_Melinda_Fee_Craig_Stevens_The_Invisible_Man_1975 jb  005-the-time-tunnel-theredlist


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

3 responses to “New feature-One season shows

  1. Greg Long

    OK – let’s see how good my memory is:

    1. Space Precinct
    2. Fantastic Journey?
    3. nope
    5.It’s about time, it’s about space. I thought this has 2 seasons. One set in caveman days and one set in the modern world?
    7. Space Rangers?
    8.Invisible Man
    9. damn it – I so feel I show know this one
    10.Time Tunnel. Really? Only one season. Felt like more.

    Thanks for this 🙂 I enjoyed it.

  2. Greg-You got 1,2, 5 (Just “It’s about time” although they have both lines in the theme), 7, 8 and 10. I figured nine was a give me for anyone over 40. It’s about time was just one season, but like the first half was in cavemen time and the second half they were in the 60’s. Time Tunnel was only one season, but back then a lot shows did more episodes as they did 30. Now you get shows doing closer to 20 or even a little less.

  3. What? No more takers? Oh, well.
    1-Space Precinct-Nineties cop with aliens show plus they used awesome miniatures for the ships.
    2-Yeah, 1977’s Fantastic Journey a short lived show trying to cash in on the Bermuda Triangle interest of the time.
    3-Obviously the Tick. Not like the cartoon more like a Seinfeld version of super heroes. Very funny.
    4-Wizards and warriors from early 1983. Me and all my friends in 7th grade watched this, but I guess no one else did.
    5-It’s about time. Mixing cavemen and astronauts from the creator of Gilligan’s Island.
    6-The very short lived The Cape from just back in 2011.
    7-Space Rangers which lasted a whole six episodes.
    8-The Invisible Man which tried very hard but couldn’t find an audience.
    9-After two good mini-series V got it’s own TV series for the 84-85 season, but couldn’t get past one season.
    10-Irwin Allen did several series in the 1960’s, but despite some good ideas the Time Tunnel only went the one season.

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