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I have a three day weekend from work so I probably won’t be writing then. I’ll be back next week to cover Tremors 2 and 3 the last ones of the film series I have yet to review. I figure One season shows will makes it debut as well. Apparently this makes my 1,000 post for whatever that’s worth.

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Tremors 5- Bloodlines


"Michael Gross (right) and Jamie Kennedy star in Tremors 5 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment" (PRNewsFoto/Universal Pictures Home Ent.)

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Monster killer extraordinaire Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) now has his own very low budget survival show where he eats and cooks snake and does other things you wouldn’t care about. His new cameraman Travis (Jamie Kennedy) thinks he can do more. A guy named Erick from Africa shows up saying they have spotted Ass-blasters there. Burt and Travis pack up and head there to get them there monsters. They right away find out that Burt can’t bring his biggest guns into the area because of the law-bummer, man. They still go to the village. There are ass-blaster attacks and Burt shows them he can still fight. The beasties have been laying Graboid eggs-oh deary me!. We also find out that Erick’s intentions aren’t so honorable as he brought Burt in not rid them of the creatures, but to help him find and get hold of a Graboid egg. Erick is a poacher in it for the money, but of course greedy dudes playing with monster stuff come to sticky ends. Eventually full size Graboids show up and Burt, Travis and the villagers with spines are in for a fight which ends with orange graboid guts going all over everyone. Along the way there’s arrows, lions, cages, lots of monsters, lots of urine and beepbeepbeep straight to DVD *****┬áspoiler alert*****-Travis reveals himself to be the son Burt never knew about. Everything gets wrapped up and roll those credits.

The negatives- Twelve years was a long time to wait between films. It’s a while before we see the Graboids.

The positives-The movie was actually filmed in Africa which is a major plus and it’s beautiful. The supporting cast from the area are all solid. Michael Gross is a very underrated actor, a shame he was on that crap Family Ties show for so long. Jamie Kennedy is surprisingly decent. The effects are generally solid.

People seem very split on this film. Count me in as a definite supporter. I was skeptical for sure and passed it up on Black Friday for $8. The next day it was still there for the same price so like a Graboid after a human I grabbed it. I think the film manages to extend the story but stay true to the spirit of the other films. Going to another country and using comparatively primitive weapons turned out to be a solid direction for this movie to go in. It starts out slow, but gets better as it goes along. Now if Kevin Bacon has his way we’ll get another TV series.

Tremors 4-The legend begins

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Ten things I learned from Tremors 4.

1-Calling your town Rejection won’t help bring people in.

2-Hot springs are alright unless they cause Graboid eggs to hatch then I don’t much care for them.

3-Burt Gunnar’s Granddaddy didn’t know squat about weapons.

4-Dirt Dragons sounds cooler than Graboids.

5-Bikes don’t work so well in rough, old west towns.

6-Only the very stubborn stay in a town with monsters around.

7-Black Hand Kelly is a good gunfighter against dudes, but not so much against giant worms.

8-Graboids are very good at taking wooden building apart.

9-When battling a Graboid it’s best to have the biggest gone possible at your disposal.

10-Even in the old west a Graboid shoots orange goop all over everyone when it gets shot.

I thought this prequel/remake of the original worked well indeed. The cast was solid, it looked fantastic and did a fine job of establishing a background for the other films.