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Tremors 4-The legend begins

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Ten things I learned from Tremors 4.

1-Calling your town Rejection won’t help bring people in.

2-Hot springs are alright unless they cause Graboid eggs to hatch then I don’t much care for them.

3-Burt Gunnar’s Granddaddy didn’t know squat about weapons.

4-Dirt Dragons sounds cooler than Graboids.

5-Bikes don’t work so well in rough, old west towns.

6-Only the very stubborn stay in a town with monsters around.

7-Black Hand Kelly is a good gunfighter against dudes, but not so much against giant worms.

8-Graboids are very good at taking wooden building apart.

9-When battling a Graboid it’s best to have the biggest gone possible at your disposal.

10-Even in the old west a Graboid shoots orange goop all over everyone when it gets shot.

I thought this prequel/remake of the original worked well indeed. The cast was solid, it looked fantastic and did a fine job of establishing a background for the other films.


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