A trekkies list on why Star Wars-The Force Awakens won’t be disappointing


1-It has those old codgers that were in the good Star Wars movies.

2-Looks like it will have lots of special effects and Star Wars fans love shiny things.

3-Explosions! Star Wars fans like those a lot too. Kaboom!

4-Spaceships! Wheeee, wrrrorr, vroom!

5-Limited dialog and plot. Star Wars fans aren’t so big on that stuff.

6-Baddies in black. You have to make it easy for the fans so they knew who to root against. Boo, hiss!

7-New droids (and the same old ones too). Oh, yeah fans love them. Wrrrrrbeepaaabeeppaaaboopaaboopaa!

8-Those saber lighty thingies that the main characters get to use. Wouldn’t want our main character to actually have to aim a weapon at someone. Whirrrrrrr!

9-A new film means a whole bunch of toys to buy! Star Wars like the toys maybe even more than the movies.

10-It certainly couldn’t be any worse than the previous three films.


There you go. Oh, lighten up, Star Wars fans. I’m just joking. Seriously I really think the Force Awakens will be good. Will it please every desire of every Star Wars fan? Well of course not because fans want everything all at once. However I think it’s going to get the series back on track and have fans looking forward to the next two films. Now there you go.


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Ten thoughts on Tremors 2: Aftershocks

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1-They waited too long to crank this one out.

2-Longish hair makes Fred Ward look like Shemp from the three stooges.

3-Despite chewing through metal the Shriekers aren’t nearly as scary as the Graboids

4-I really missed Kevin Bacon’s character.

5-Chris Gartin’s character was very forgettable.

6-After seeing this film I can’t go past a stack of metal barrels without looking to see if they are moving.

7-They sure made good use of remote controlled cars

8-As always thank goodness Michael Gross was in this one.

9-I love the scene where they think they are going to hide in a building and it was just a front side of a building.

10-I so wish there was a Graboid arcade game like the one they had a cabinet for.


This film was supposed to be a fairly big budget affair filmed in Australia in 1993, Instead the budget was slashed greatly, no Australia, it was film in early 1994 but cam out as a direct to video release in 1996.

The first film was so great that the next film in the series would have trouble living up to expectations and that’s what happened here. The film tries and has some moments, but overall it’s fair at best. It does introduce the Shreikers and it was good to Fred Ward again. After this one Michael Gross (and his ancestor in the 4th film) would become the main focus.