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A trekkies list on why Star Wars-The Force Awakens won’t be disappointing


1-It has those old codgers that were in the good Star Wars movies.

2-Looks like it will have lots of special effects and Star Wars fans love shiny things.

3-Explosions! Star Wars fans like those a lot too. Kaboom!

4-Spaceships! Wheeee, wrrrorr, vroom!

5-Limited dialog and plot. Star Wars fans aren’t so big on that stuff.

6-Baddies in black. You have to make it easy for the fans so they knew who to root against. Boo, hiss!

7-New droids (and the same old ones too). Oh, yeah fans love them. Wrrrrrbeepaaabeeppaaaboopaaboopaa!

8-Those saber lighty thingies that the main characters get to use. Wouldn’t want our main character to actually have to aim a weapon at someone. Whirrrrrrr!

9-A new film means a whole bunch of toys to buy! Star Wars like the toys maybe even more than the movies.

10-It certainly couldn’t be any worse than the previous three films.


There you go. Oh, lighten up, Star Wars fans. I’m just joking. Seriously I really think the Force Awakens will be good. Will it please every desire of every Star Wars fan? Well of course not because fans want everything all at once. However I think it’s going to get the series back on track and have fans looking forward to the next two films. Now there you go.


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