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Upcoming junk and stuff


The review of Tremors 3 wraps up my reviews of the five films. In case you were wondering I’d put them in this order from best to worst- 1, 4, 5, 3, 2. I updated my blog profile picture. The previous one was from like summer of 2013 and the new one is from last month. For next week I hope to review Christmas episodes of the Avengers, Bewitched and maybe one more. Looking at January I’m thinking of doing a Voyagers! week and then spending the rest of the month being clean up duty where I’ll try to review the 10-12 films I’ve promised to review over the last three years, but never have. Also Skeletor will drop by, there will be another segment of one season shows and 80’s-90’s video games will likely come back as a monthly segment.

Take care!

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