Upcoming junk and stuff

I hope to knock out a review of a Christmas episode of Bewitched tomorrow. Then I won’t write again until Saturday. From next week and into January I will do Make-up month where I’ll review films I promised over the years, but never got around to doing. I hope to review The 3 worlds of Gulliver, War in space, Message from space, King Kong lives, The Sentinel, Four sided triangle, Spaceways, Crucible of horror, Godzilla against Mechagodzilla, Wolfen, The undertaker and his pals and Hercules and the tyrants of Babylon.

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The Avengers-Too many Christmas trees


1965 in the UK, wasn’t shown until August 1966 in the US.

We all wish we had dreams on dark landscapes with odd Christmas trees, bizarre presents and a very creepy Santa. Wait, actually we don’t. However John Steed keeps having these dreams. He informs his work partner Emma Peel and she doesn’t think much of it at first. Then they get invited to a Charles Dickens themed party thrown by one of Miss Peel’s friends Jeremy. While there Steed recognizes decorations from his dreams and knows there has to be a connection. These wacko nightmares are actually linked to a wacko plot by you guessed it-wackos. Actually telepathic spies to be precise. However they make the mistake of appearing in Steed’s dreams. When he awakes Steed is strong enough to know who is up to no good and be ready for their not so merry attempts to use him. Steed and Peel get to the bottom of things and end the attempts by these mindreading hooligans. They’ll be getting coal this year for sure. Roll the credits.

This is a classic episode for this show. The leads keep their cool even during a very strange plot. A strange plot it is. I always lover the Emma Peel era of this show because the two characters worked so well together. They also always managed to make sense of the most out there situations and work through them. Definitely a very different Christmas episode, but a good one.


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