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Ten things I learned from the Sentinel

the-sentinel-poster sentinel Sentinel_movie_poster sentinel-1977-ending-burgess-meredith-freakshow-performers-freaks-controversy


1-A New York apartment that seems like a steal probably has a real problem.

2-If your boyfriend acts odd then he’s probably up to something evil.

3-Old men like to sit around and eat cake with naked woman.

4-Dead people like to come back for parties just to creep out the living.

5-Dead people can still gush blood if you cut them deep enough.

6-The pets of dead people can be just as creepy as the dead people.

7-Going back to the apartment where you saw your dead dad is not a good idea.

8-Most dead people turn into real freaks when they try to back to the land of the living.

9-You have to be blind to protect the land of the living  from hellish undead types.

10-Number nine is a full time job, I don’t even think you get potty breaks.


Look at the supporting cast on this one.

Don’t get too excited though. I saw this on TV when I was like 9 or 1o and thought it was great. For years a few scenes stuck in my mind and I thought this was a good movie. I finally saw it again when I was around 30 and it was like a different movie. There are some great people in the cast, it has one great scare, the locations are fantastic and the music is good. Beyond that it’s a mostly dull affair that hopes to pull in fans of the Exorcist and the Omen. Really not too much happens and the whole reveal is rather lukewarm. I bought it cheap on DVD years ago and watch it every so often hoping I’ll get it, but I don’t think there is anything there to get. Diehard fans of 70’s horror may want to see it once, but don’t expect much.


3 responses to “Ten things I learned from the Sentinel

  1. filmfunkel ⋅

    I suspect #3 likely has an equal appeal to younger men as well. XD

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