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War In Space (11)

Okay, make-up month moves on with more films I promised over the years but am just now getting around to delivering. Next week I’ll review two films that tried to cash in on the success of some film called Star Wars. Those being War in space and Message from space. Skeletor will likely drop by and I may share my thoughts on the Force Awakens.

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Crucible of horror AKA -The Corpse

crucible-of-horror_jpg_97502_1500_1500_2 Crucible-of-Horror-poster

1971 although I have also seen 1969, 1970 and even 1972. More than one source says it was filmed in 1969 and released later.

This stiff serious business type Walter Eastwood (Michael Gough-The horror of Dracula, Hammer’s The phantom of the opera, Alfred from the Tim Burton films and tons of other movies) treats his daughter Jane (Sharon Gurney-) and wife Edith (Yvonne Mitchell a veteran of British TV for several decades)  like dirt.  His son Rupert (real life son Simon who would go to marry co-star Sharon Gurney) He  is abusive to his daughter and a down right cold hearted, wooden non-human type to his wife. He gets along with his son because he is the same kind of unfeeling lizard. For entertainment dad likes to look sour and touch the bike seat when his daughter gets off. Yeah, a  nasty weirdo. We follow his actions and see he loves to control his family and show as little feelings as possible. Eventually he goes away for the weekend to do some hunting or watch himself look sour in the front of the mirror, I’m not sure which. Mom and daughter have had enough so they follow him and kill him or so they think. They end up being like the worst murderers ever as they second themselves and switch things around. Plus they have doubts, regrets and get haunted by it. Eventually after hazy flashbacks, relief, regret and all these emotions dad returns acting like a real rear end once again or does he? Roll the credits.

The negatives-Everything after the murder is up in the air. You decide what really happened. Until that point the pace was slow, but understandable if you hung there. After that point it depends on how much you enjoyed what they did with their time.


The positives-The acting from the four leads is solid all the way around with Gough Sr. and Gurney really giving nice jobs at tough roles.  For me this film took me three viewings for me to take to it, but I like it a lot. Not everyone will enjoy it.

It can be picked up cheap and some times on some of those bargain collections. The quality of the picture isn’t so great unfortunately. More a psychological thriller than horror, but give it a shot.


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