Inspired by Star Wars

I reviewed War in space and Message from space is coming soon. These films  and a number of others were inspired or influenced to some extent by either Star Wars itself or it’s success. Star Wars fans tend to foam at the mouth and scream “ripoff” about some of these films which I always find funny since Star Wars borrowed from The Dam Busters. Other fans may find something to like in these films too. Anyways I have a soft spot for a number of these movies and here are some posters.

14431013424_f9ff5e0d4b_o 179-MESSAGE-FROM-SPACE-A-mystical-message-sent-to-call-warriors-to-action-pulls-8-strangers-through-spa h-g-wells-the-shape-of-things-to-come-poster Buck_Rogers_Movie_Poster_03 battlestar-galactica-1978-movie-poster battle-beyond-the-stars-320x240 metalstormbritishquad1 81NwRQGSIxL__SL1175_ tumblr_nroqeeIng71scpq9co1_500