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Ten things I learned from Message from space

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1-Vine wreaths are acceptable future head wear.

2-Flying a spaceship is a lot like driving a 70’s muscle car.

3-The authorities are no match for hooligans when it comes to fancy spaceship flying.

4-Some robots can be dorks.

5-In the future rich girls change outfits like every five minutes.

6-Getting a glowing, magical walnut is a good thing.

7-Shriveled up silver skin types can have a lot of power.

8-Space samurais don’t look as cool as old style samurais.

9-When space travel becomes common ships won’t be forgotten, but instead they’ll just become spaceships.

10-Even the most annoying sci-fi heroes can win the day.


The negatives- The plot is a wild mess at best. The acting varies from fair down to bizarre.

The positives- The visuals are generally good for the time.

This is a whacky space opera that tries to be cute at times. Due to that it’s hard to ever really take it serious. Overall it’s very uneven. I liked the visuals enough that I manage to watch maybe once a year.

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