Upcoming junk and stuff


Sad to say goodbye to actor Alan Rickman who passed away after his battle with cancer. In recent years audiences know him for playing Snape in the Harry Potter films. Guess this weekend I’ll be digging out Die Hard, Quigley down under and Galaxy Quest to watch and remember him by.

I have not gotten to write much this week, but will have a short post out soon and reviews of the two films I promised between today and Saturday. Let’s check in on the list of films I promised for this month and see which ones are left.

The 3 worlds of Gulliver, War in space, Message from space, King Kong lives, The Sentinel, Four sided triangle, Spaceways, Crucible of horror, Godzilla against Mechagodzilla, Wolfen, The undertaker and his pals and Hercules and the tyrants of Babylon

After this week I have six left and only two weeks which means I have to do three per week. For next week I’ll aim to review The  3 worlds of Gulliver, King Kong lives and The undertaker and his pals. I may toss in an old video game write-up as well.

Take care!