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Ten things I learned from Spaceways



Check out my new toy, dudes.


I’m scared of color, please keep me in black and white.


Most sources say this film was made in 1953, but I have seen 1952 listed as well

1-Designing a spacecraft involves a lot of standing around and talking endlessly.

2-In the 1950’s everyone smoked everywhere.

3-You can easily get a pass to get in to a government installation, but getting a pass to go out isn’t as easy to obtain.

4-Scientists love to go to parties even when there’s lots of work to do.

5-Having marital problems and being suspected of murder while working a spacecraft won’t help you do your job well.

6-Scientist love wearing white overall around the work area.

7-Spacesuits can be made out of the thinnest and cheapest plastic you can find.

8-Some times a space travel ready rocket can look like a painted backdrop.

9-One could easily swap places with a real astronaut and security wouldn’t even question it.

10-In space something will always go wrong.

The negatives-This is a very, talky and slow movie. The sets are so cramped I felt myself hunching over as I watched it like the walls were closing in on me. The title, case and poster try to sell this as a sci-fi film, but it’s more of a spy film with a rocket launch background.

The positives-The leads try to make it work. Even though the spacesuits looked to be made of cheap material I still kind of liked the style.

This early Hammer film came at a time when the company was still making films that were more noir than horror or sci-fi. While this one tries to put in some sci-fi parts it’s more spy drama and a very lukewarm one at best.


The rocket scientist parties are the best.


And further more blah, blah, blah.


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