Space Rangers-Pilot


The show’s characters-

Captain John Boon (Jeff Kaake)- Experienced military guy. Respected, but slightly rough around the edges.

Doc Kreuger (Jack McGee)-Flight engineer who has had lots body parts taken off in combat and replaced by mechanical pieces.

Jojo Thorsen (Marjorie Monaghan)-The pilot of the ship. Tough, but quick to fly off the handle some times.

Zylyn (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa)-Warrior-monk-alien type with semi-telepathic abilities.

Daniel Kincaid (Danny Quinn)-The rookie on Boon’s team. His daddie is a general. He thinks himself a gunslinger of sorts and is sometimes to quick to draw his weapon.

Commander Chennault (Linda Hunt)-The fort commander. Tries to be fair, but doesn’t always see eye to eye with Boon.

Dr. Mimmer (Clint Howard)-Fort scientist and a bit of a whack job. Frequently wants to go on missions, but is turned down.

Colonel Erich Weiss (Gottfried John)-Second in command at Fort Hope. He must have angered someone back on Earth and got transferred out here. Tries hard to get back to his old job.

The pilot finds Boon recently back from a grueling mission. He sees his wife for like two seconds. Then he has to gather his crew and go on a rescue mission to where a former ranger may be in trouble or he may be up to something (gee, guess which one it is?). Boon gathers regulars Doc and Jojo from a betting parlor where they hustling people in something looks like the old Mattel game Simon says only not as colorful. Plus he brings  controlled savage type Zylin out of some freezer thingie so he can go to. Newbie Kincaid begs to go along and Boon says okay but don’t shoot anyone’s rear end off. They go off in their ship which looks a cross between an X wing fighter and a WWII plane only sadly not as cool as either. They get to the planet and everyone except Kincaid goes down (because he might shoot someone’s rear end off). They go the planet via these little individual pod type thingies. Down on the planet they attend a party with cakes and games and unicorns..just kidding it’s a set-up by the power hungry former Ranger and some crumpleheaded monk type. They grab all the crew Kincaid who was left behind. The former Ranger reveals his greedy plan blah, blah, blah. He has the crew strapped down and in a little cave. Kincaid didn’t stay behind and sneaks up on the situation. Jojo motions him to go for the distraction rather than the gunfight. Eventually he does the crew gets free and the fight and of course beat the baddies. They return to the Fort and all is sort of okay until the next time.


The negatives-The pilot feels rushed. If it had been hours they would have had more time to introduce the characters and fit in enough time for an adventures. As it is the story seems a bit thin. The ships look slightly cheap even for the time. The outdoor sets seem very small.

The positives-The shots of the fort/planet look decent for the time. Doc and Jojo came across as the most interesting characters. My favorite part of the episode was Kinkaid doing what he should do to rescue the others.

Overall there is some potential in this one, but I felt like I wanted more to make the show standout and there wasn’t enough of that. However I know it was just one episode. On to episode two.

Space Rangers- The basics

SpaceRangers_Complete spacerangers16sh


Space Rangers was a very short lived show that only six episodes produced. The story goes it was actually canceled after the first episode was shown in early 1993 on CBS. However it has gotten enough interest over the years to have been released on both VHS and DVD. The show followed a ragtag group of space marines who patrolled on the rough outer reaches of space. The normally pulled into dangerous missions with some unknown element thrown in. I have the DVD and have begun watching it. I want to review the six episodes in order. My ultimate goal is to determine if I think this show had the potential to be a good sci-fi. It can be difficult to determine that. This show frequently gets dismissed because it only went six episodes, but that’s very little time to establish characters and relationships. I am looking forward to checking out this series and seeing if there was anything there to make me think it the potential to be more than just another short lived sci-fi show.

Things I learned from The boy who cried werewolf


Drifters can be werewolves.

There’s always a stake around to impale a werewolf on.

Werewolf bites happen very easily.

Most werewolves look like cute doggies.

Turning into a werewolf won’t cause any damage to the clothes you are wearing.

Hippies like to hang out in the woods and prop up big crosses.

If your dad acts funny he might be a werewolf.

Telling your mom that your dad might be a werewolf may cause your parents to get back together.

If your dad buries something out in the barn don’t dig it up because it won’t be pretty.

Werewolves always seemed to meet a bad end.



Bandidos_(film) bandidos-4


This semi-good gunslinger tries to take down a fast shooting bandit, but gets shot in the hands instead ending his gun shooting days. A few years later the guy with the bad hands is hoping to train someone to kill the fast shooting bandit. He finds a wanted criminal  (although he is really innocent) with fast reflexes and sets out training him. Mr. Bad Hands has little patience and gets shot down by the fast shooting bandit. Wanted criminal turned fast shooter tries to talk fast shooting bandit to helping clear his name. Eventually wanted criminal goes after fast shooting bandit and takes him down. I guess I could have actually looked up the names they used, but I liked the ones I came up with better.

This is actually a very solid spaghetti western. If I were giving letter grades to acting, story, settings, action and pace I’d say they’d all get solid B’s. One of my favorite parts of the film was the attention to small details. A good example is the main baddie and his gang are being taunted by the new gunslinger who is hiding in an old town. The main baddie being experienced in the ways of sneaking up on people removes his spurs before walking close to the building trying to track down his prey. That kind of attention to detail is what made this a strong film. Definitely worth seeing.

Director Massimo Dallamano had far more credits as a cinematographer (including Fistful of dollars and For a few dollars more) than as a director. Kind of a shame as it’s obvious that he did a fine job directing this film.


Ten things that “Guns for dollars” has

81llNaHJx4L__SL1500_18 Guns for Dollars still


1-A sewing machine that turns into a Gatling Gun.

2-People that die from getting shot without shedding any blood.

3-Dinners that cause almost instant  diarrhea.

4-Nineteenth century cowboys with nineteen seventies haircuts.

5-A nun wears a lot of make-up (she’s not really a nun though).

6-Very unorganized villains.

7-Heroes who don’t sweat even after long fights under a blazing sun while they wear long sleeves.

8-A mandolin that shoots grenades.

9-A Russian dude who sticks out like a sore thumb in the old west.

10-A fight scene in a Chinese laundry that borrows greatly from the Three Stooges.

This is a wild one with a loose plot based around several different people trying to get their hands on jewels. At times it feels like they threw too many characters into the mix. Overall it’s exciting more than it is whacky. If you can stick with it then it turns out to be watchable enough.

Skeletor’s animated villain of the month

2444761-blog_skeletor_throne_06avAceDeucyTrenchcoatOn your feet you feel the beat, it goes straight to your spine
Shake your head you must be dead if it don’t make you fly

…oh hey there! It’s me just Skeletor just chillin’ like an animated villain. This month’s animated villain was seen in the very first episode of Speed Racer. It is Ace Deucey. Too often just labeled a hired gun. He had a rough voice, a mean disposition and he was willing to risk it all to accomplish his mission. Truly a villain with a black heart who doesn’t always his due.

Until next time stay nasty!

Ten things I learned from The Wild world of Batwoman

46841a_lgMST3K-WORST-MOVIES5Wild World of Batwoman, The (1966)_0063627d3627c[1]

1-Super heroes don’t have to fight.
2-Super heroes are worshipped by go-go dancers.
3-A hit on the head can cause a smart dude to go dumb and vice versa.
4-A Super Hero can have a pretty boring home as their crime fighting headquarters.
5-Super hero sidekicks are suckers for free soup that is drugged.
6-Cups of free soup that is drugged appear to just be empty cups.
7-A villain can avoid a hero by just running around a table.
8-Universal’s the Mole People is in open domain so any old film can just use their footage… actually I don’t they can…but they did.
9-Batwoman doesn’t appear to have combed her hair any time recently.
10-This film is far easier to take watching the MST3K version.