Wild wild west villains by the numbers

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1-Two out of every three villains uses knock out gas.

2-Three out of every five villains wants to rule either the world or at least the United States.

3-One out of every three women who begins working for a villain will turn on them when their plan starts to fall apart.

4-Two out of every five villains knows how use poison to knock someone out, but not kill them.

5-Three out of every five villains has a hidden passage and or stairway.

6-Four out of every six villains can see through disguises used by Artemis Gordon.

7-Five out of eight villains carry a concealed small knife or gun.

8-One out every four fights is the number that henchman win over James West, but the win is never the final fight of the show.

9- Ten out of ten villains think their evil plans will work.

10-Zero out of ten villains have their plans work out in the end.