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Dr. Who and me


I was getting into sci-fi around the time Tom Baker was finishing up as the Doctor. I only knew this because of articles in Starlog magazine. I was interested in any sci-fi shows or movie back then, but Doctor Who wasn’t on where I could see it then. I tried reading some paperback novel with Baker as the Doctor on the cover. Seems like I picked it up at the local used bookstore. Without ever having seen the show and understanding very little about the characters I quickly gave up on the book.That was probably like 1982. As the 80’s went on I know of the changes of who was playing the Doctor from Starlog. I probably didn’t think about the character at all in the 90’s until like maybe 98-99. I was back into sci-fi and didn’t yet have a DVD player. I saw some Dr. Who VHS tapes in some catalog and loved the covers. I considered ordering one, but it seems like I ordered some Hammer films instead. A few years after that of course Dr. Who was back and I had a DVD player. I considering buying some DVDs, but the prices were high and the run times were short so again I passed and skipped this universe. In recent I could have checked out DVDs of the show at my place of work, but just didn’t. Then recently I said “ah let’s give it a go”. I checked out DVDs with Tom Baker, Patrick Troughton ( both who I was familiar with from some horror films they’d been in) as well as the last three Doctors. Have to admit I have been hooked since watching them and am now putting in requests for more DVDs and books to learn more about Dr. Who’s universe. My only regret is not trying to see it much sooner. More thoughts on the Doctor will likely be coming at some point in the near future.

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  1. I hope you enjoy discovering more old Doctor Who stories on DVD, there are so many great adventures! Much as I like the new series, it the classic Doctor Who that I love the best, and I can certainly recommend checking out more from the range. A lot of them also have a great extra features, making of documentaries, commentaries ect. Enjoy your adventures with the Doctor in time and space! 🙂

  2. Thanks. I’m getting into and enjoying it, but also trying to understand it. My daughter who normally doesn’t like any sci-fi has enjoyed watching them particularly the 10th Doctor. My favorite Doctor so far is easily Tom Baker. Just his mannerisms and his back and forth between quirky and genius is a joy to watch.

  3. Love all the doctors, old and new. Hope you have a lot of fun on your discoveries.

  4. The first Doctor I watched was Christopher Eccleston, and I fell in love with the show then. I haven’t watched any of the classic “Who” episodes but would like to get into that eventually. David Tennant has been my favorite so far, but Eccleston, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi have all had something great to bring to the show.

    • Matt Smith was a hard sell for me at first with his quiky energy, but he’s growing on me. I liked Tennant and Capaldi right away. Eccleston was good, but it’s fun he seemed so different to play the Doctor perhaps because he looked so normal compared to all the other Doctors.

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