Skeletor’s animated villain of the month

2444761-blog_skeletor_throne_06avAceDeucyTrenchcoatOn your feet you feel the beat, it goes straight to your spine
Shake your head you must be dead if it don’t make you fly

…oh hey there! It’s me just Skeletor just chillin’ like an animated villain. This month’s animated villain was seen in the very first episode of Speed Racer. It is Ace Deucey. Too often just labeled a hired gun. He had a rough voice, a mean disposition and he was willing to risk it all to accomplish his mission. Truly a villain with a black heart who doesn’t always his due.

Until next time stay nasty!

Ten things I learned from The Wild world of Batwoman

46841a_lgMST3K-WORST-MOVIES5Wild World of Batwoman, The (1966)_0063627d3627c[1]

1-Super heroes don’t have to fight.
2-Super heroes are worshipped by go-go dancers.
3-A hit on the head can cause a smart dude to go dumb and vice versa.
4-A Super Hero can have a pretty boring home as their crime fighting headquarters.
5-Super hero sidekicks are suckers for free soup that is drugged.
6-Cups of free soup that is drugged appear to just be empty cups.
7-A villain can avoid a hero by just running around a table.
8-Universal’s the Mole People is in open domain so any old film can just use their footage… actually I don’t they can…but they did.
9-Batwoman doesn’t appear to have combed her hair any time recently.
10-This film is far easier to take watching the MST3K version.