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Ten things I learned from The Wild world of Batwoman

46841a_lgMST3K-WORST-MOVIES5Wild World of Batwoman, The (1966)_0063627d3627c[1]

1-Super heroes don’t have to fight.
2-Super heroes are worshipped by go-go dancers.
3-A hit on the head can cause a smart dude to go dumb and vice versa.
4-A Super Hero can have a pretty boring home as their crime fighting headquarters.
5-Super hero sidekicks are suckers for free soup that is drugged.
6-Cups of free soup that is drugged appear to just be empty cups.
7-A villain can avoid a hero by just running around a table.
8-Universal’s the Mole People is in open domain so any old film can just use their footage… actually I don’t they can…but they did.
9-Batwoman doesn’t appear to have combed her hair any time recently.
10-This film is far easier to take watching the MST3K version.

One response to “Ten things I learned from The Wild world of Batwoman

  1. Victor De Leon ⋅

    great post! may go the number 10 route with this one 🙂

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