Bandidos_(film) bandidos-4


This semi-good gunslinger tries to take down a fast shooting bandit, but gets shot in the hands instead ending his gun shooting days. A few years later the guy with the bad hands is hoping to train someone to kill the fast shooting bandit. He finds a wanted criminal  (although he is really innocent) with fast reflexes and sets out training him. Mr. Bad Hands has little patience and gets shot down by the fast shooting bandit. Wanted criminal turned fast shooter tries to talk fast shooting bandit to helping clear his name. Eventually wanted criminal goes after fast shooting bandit and takes him down. I guess I could have actually looked up the names they used, but I liked the ones I came up with better.

This is actually a very solid spaghetti western. If I were giving letter grades to acting, story, settings, action and pace I’d say they’d all get solid B’s. One of my favorite parts of the film was the attention to small details. A good example is the main baddie and his gang are being taunted by the new gunslinger who is hiding in an old town. The main baddie being experienced in the ways of sneaking up on people removes his spurs before walking close to the building trying to track down his prey. That kind of attention to detail is what made this a strong film. Definitely worth seeing.

Director Massimo Dallamano had far more credits as a cinematographer (including Fistful of dollars and For a few dollars more) than as a director. Kind of a shame as it’s obvious that he did a fine job directing this film.


Ten things that “Guns for dollars” has

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1-A sewing machine that turns into a Gatling Gun.

2-People that die from getting shot without shedding any blood.

3-Dinners that cause almost instant  diarrhea.

4-Nineteenth century cowboys with nineteen seventies haircuts.

5-A nun wears a lot of make-up (she’s not really a nun though).

6-Very unorganized villains.

7-Heroes who don’t sweat even after long fights under a blazing sun while they wear long sleeves.

8-A mandolin that shoots grenades.

9-A Russian dude who sticks out like a sore thumb in the old west.

10-A fight scene in a Chinese laundry that borrows greatly from the Three Stooges.

This is a wild one with a loose plot based around several different people trying to get their hands on jewels. At times it feels like they threw too many characters into the mix. Overall it’s exciting more than it is whacky. If you can stick with it then it turns out to be watchable enough.